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    Catuss Recs Anniversary IV

    ¡4 años! ‘Catuss Recs Anniversary IV’ a la luz. 18 canciones de artístas que conforman el sello Argentino, a lo largo de todo el mundo, como es costumbre, variedad de generos, en

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    ‘Esperando O Verao’ de Badsista salió al sol!

    Badsista es una cantante, productora musical y DJ de San Pablo, Brazil. Nos sorprendió con ‘Na Madruga’ (difundido en THUMP) el tema en cuestión pertenece a nuestra querida Badsista

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    ‘Sleep Club’ out now

    ‘Sleep Club’ is the very fine work from Frank Armitage, a guy who went deep down the road and discovered a new world. Two techno-heavy tracks in this double-single, available

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    ‘Monte Real’ de YUNGA

    ‘Monte Real’ is the new, and first, release of the artist Yunga, from Argentina, previews ‘Mochica’, an album that includes this one here, and four more. From House to

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  • oxgn2c - copia

    ‘King’ first official master piece from OXGN

    ‘King’ is the first official master piece from OXGN, a young fellow from Entre Rios, Argentina. He’s usually plantin seeds on his backyard, but this time he’s delivering

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    Halpe presents ‘Viento Vol. I’

    ‘Viento Vol. I’ is the new (second) EP from our lovely Halpe. Young DJ/Producer from Buenos Aires, his first work through Growllective (BR) made the foundation. Halpe has been on some

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