• oxgn2c - copia

    ‘King’ first official master piece from OXGN

    ‘King’ is the first official master piece from OXGN, a young fellow from Entre Rios, Argentina. He’s usually plantin seeds on his backyard, but this time he’s delivering

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  • halpe-vientofinalsmall

    Halpe presents ‘Viento Vol. I’

    ‘Viento Vol. I’ is the new (second) EP from our lovely Halpe. Young DJ/Producer from Buenos Aires, his first work through Growllective (BR) made the foundation. Halpe has been on some

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  • muar-tycoon2csmall2

    ‘Tycoon’ from Muar available now!

    ‘Tycoon’ (single) by Muar presents two tracks with great deep dance music. Muar is now working on his LP album and we’ll receive very exciting news soon.  

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  • 2

    ‘But If U Knew’ by BTP out NOW!

    Julian Uribe/BTP, quimicosonoro de vocacion, esta establecido en Medellin, Colombia. Nos Trae ‘But If U Knew’, su album EP debut con sonidos profundos, ritmos frescos y ambientes claros. STREAM

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